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Connect Madhwa community across globe to create , extend and sustain Madhwa culture in fullest extent…

Objective –

One Stop solution to bring Madhwa community in one common platform to create awareness and provide live information on religious details.

Why We Need This –

  • In today’s work life people are very busy with their routine work. Society is becoming more busy with their daily routine work & life
  • Global Job opportunities , Pushing community to move from Villages / Urbans to metros like Bangalore / Mumbai / Abroad..IT/ITES is the key driver in last two decade
  • Opting for easy life..Shortcuts are followed.
  • People adopting to new culture of the country / region
  • Not connected…Most of the awareness is at the Mathas
  • Old family culture is diminishing day by day
  • Middle class Society feels left out & need support
  • Diverse options available in other social culture and being adopted by youth
  • No Easy ways of reaching out society leaders and fear due to lack of knowledge
  • Every society leading to online services to attract youths, Why cannot Madhwa Community?
  • Lack of information on Madhwa Mutts in Pilgrimage Places.